Individual Donor Development Strategies

I specialise in supporting fundraisers and trustees from a wide range of different causes in the delivery of bespoke, integrated, and highly effective individual donor fundraising strategies.

The organisations that I work with always represent causes that demand truly effective fundraising strategies that are rigorous, timely, affordable and achievable.

These factors, supported by transparent evaluation and review, lie at the heart of my approach.

Strategy design and development might focus on the different stages of supporter development ranging from finding, welcoming and retaining new donors; building ongoing support; establishing and imbedding committed giving schemes, to major donor development and legacy support.

Equally strategy development might focus on the consistent application and integration of fundraising campaigns across a range of alternate modes – community fundraising, direct marketing, telephone fundraising, face to face fundraising, events and major donor development.

In each case, fundraising strategy development builds strong relational links between donors and your cause finding the right operational balance for your organisation between:

• Development of discrete supporter acquisition, retention and development strategies

• Detailed interrogation and analysis of past and existing supporter behaviour

• Rigorous, practical segmentation of key supporter audiences - both new and established

• Fundraising case design, creative treatment and integration across different modes of ask

• Fundraising product design and application to different identified supporter groups

• Implementation and coordination of multiple operational campaigns across a wide range of fundraising channels

• Assuring full compliance with regulation, ethical considerations and the maintenance of the highest standards of professional fundraising practice

The focus is always on matching the needs of your beneficiaries with those of existing and potential supporters in a creative and respectful manner - building mutual trust between donors and your cause and internal confidence in the fundraising methods employed.

My approach focuses on building lasting fundraising capacity within the organisations that I serve and in delivering fundraising strategies tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. All of my work is rigorously tested, transparent in objectives, clear and precise in terms of operational implementation.


Tailored Fundraising Strategy Development

In developing bespoke fundraising strategy, I focus on how to change the case for support into alternate fundraising asks, whilst being conscious of who will be using that ask, in what context and who is being asked.

Working closely with my clients, I develop an in-depth understanding of who their supporters ‘are’ and the values and aspirations with-in that organisation.

With this understanding, I can ensure that my creative strategy encompasses all potential scope, using multiple channels to aggregate marginal gains, creating a range of truly effective fundraising programmes with donor choice at its heart.

Project design, set-up and implementation ensure that, whatever the organisational strategic priorities are, the creative treatment focusses on developing brand and brand ethos to elicit emotional connection as well as financial participation and development.


Community Fundraising

In the past ten years I have developed a unique new approach to Community Fundraising specifically designed to enhance the traditional fundraising within the community that has always inspired supporter trust and confidence.

My approach has found real success in mobilising supporters, regional teams and volunteers alike. It identifies key ‘ambassadors’ for the organisation and leverages their enthusiasm and commitment to maximise community engagement and giving potential across your supporter base. It will:

• Generate a sizable and legally compliant database of new, warm potential supporters for development

• Produce flexible approaches to stewarding different groups of supporters that will engage and develop them in the way they want.

• Integrate regional teams (staff and volunteers) into the process whilst instilling understanding and consistency with national strategic objectives.

• Combine a targeted and tactical approach - aligning traditional fundraising methods with analysis of supporter behaviour, integration with new media and the application of data trends.


Face to Face Fundraising

I pioneered the introduction of Face to Face fundraising (F2F) in the UK, initially for Greenpeace in 1990, and subsequently with over 60 organisations throughout the following decade.

My approach facilitates appropriate application of this powerful fundraising technique in both public and private locations. Working with volunteers and staff in a variety of different fundraising contexts the application of FTF techniques can make a transformational impact on supporter engagement and the development of a range of different committed giving programmes. I provide a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of designing and developing F2F programmes including:

• Relevant target audience identification and legitimisation

• Fundraising product design, creative treatment and sensitive application to F2F techniques

• Comprehensive training and support to volunteers and staff engaged in F2F solicitation

• Development of the processes and logistics necessary to support effective F2F fundraising

• Assured compliance with all regulatory requirements and achievement of fundraising ‘best practice’ at all times.


Telephone Fundraising

Over the past 20 years I have achieved unparalleled success in the design, direction and delivery of all facets of telephone fundraising for over 500 voluntary sector clients. Services range from strategy design and development, data enhanced segmentation and selection of key audiences, through to training and developing in-house teams, operational campaign management and evaluation and measurement of campaign performance. In each case, individual and multiple campaigns are developed to ensure:

• Full compliance with all contemporary regulations and industry ‘best practice’

• Consistency in strategy design and campaign selection across acquisition, welcoming, upgrade and committed giving campaign

• Bespoke campaign development for community and events led fundraising, major donor development and legacy telephone fundraising campaigns

• Award winning product development, creative design and scripted appeal content

• Establishment and support of in-house telephone fundraising capacity

• Comprehensive suite of in-house training, mentoring and development support to facilitate effective telephone fundraising performance

• Development of alumni giving campaigns, annual fund programmes and higher level giving campaigns for Universities and Schools

• Strategic review and evaluation of existing telephone fundraising performance.