Developing Fundraising Capacity

My approach is always focused on ensuring that your investment in fundraising strategy delivers tangible, measurable and productive outcomes.

I work collaboratively with trustees, fundraising staff and volunteers to build a lasting base of knowledge and practical competence, ensuring that new skills and appropriate professional practice are firmly imbedded in all fundraising activity.

Data Analysis

Truly effective relationship fundraising begins with a clear knowledge and understanding of data analysis as applied to fundraising strategy and the implementation of specific fundraising campaigns. To achieve this within your organisation I work closely with key contacts and fundraising teams to develop a deep understanding of donor needs and motivation. The analysis is bespoke and does not rely on one dimensional models. It is designed to allow the organisation to develop their approach as supporter streams change and develop to deliver motivated, satisfied and committed supporters. Data analysis services deliver:

• Rigorous interrogation and analysis of existing supporter segments

• Clarification of the different supporter motivations to support your cause

• Segmentation analysis identifying new potential fundraising opportunities and reconfirming existing sources of support

• Justification and prioritisation of key target audiences and the fundraising methods to be employed

• Application of findings to fundraising product selection and development

• Identification of key campaign measurement and evaluation indicators


Fundraising Training & Professional Development

People are the most important asset to continued fundraising success. Ensuring your staff, trustees and key volunteers have the right knowledge and competencies they need to approach and support your donors in an effective and sensitive manner is critical to positive fundraising outcomes and the protection of your reputation.

A trained professional actress, fundraising faculty member at Cass Business School and Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising, I bring over 20 years of practical experience to a wide range of different training and development interventions; each designed to deliver the key skills and professional competencies necessary for fundraising success. Services provided include:

• Development of in-house fundraising training programmes for staff and for volunteers

• Team based training in specific individual donor fundraising techniques

• One-to-one development support for key staff, trustees and volunteers

• Group and strategy meeting facilitation

• Mentoring and coaching for key staff, trustees and volunteers