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How to monitor your telephone fundraising?

How can you be sure that the fundraising calls made in the name of your charity are in line with your brand and ethos?

When I am working with organisation to help them to set up in-house teams to carry out telephone fundraising, the overriding theme that has led the organisations to make the decision to take ownership of this fundraising channel is there concern around what might be “done” or said to their supporters in their name. Here are a few simple ideas that can be used at all levels within an organisation to monitor your telephone fundraising, whether you are making or receiving calls.

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Everyone’s looking for the Next Big Thing: but little things mean a lot.

Having operated at the forefront of fundraising for over two decades witnessing, and often directly participating in, the ebb and flow of fundraising innovation, one thing appears to remain a constant preoccupation across the fundraising profession. More often than not, the unwritten agenda in client meetings comes back to the answer to the same old question, ‘So what’s the next big thing Jane?’

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