"My guiding philosophy has brought wide ranging success to the many organisations that I have worked with through this time and has contributed to raising over £700 million on their behalf."

Jane has been working at the forefront of fundraising for nearly 25 years.

Known for the high quality of her fundraising practice; in everything she develops she believes that the starting point should be to take the donors perspective, which will ultimately lead to developing the most effective strategy resulting in donor satisfaction and financial success.


“It’s a privilege when your work is to communicate with people who are just really nice people; after all, they give to charities because they care, so in my book that makes them a very special bunch of people”

Her strategic insight, creative empathy for the cause and rigorous analysis and planning promote real strategic fundraising insights to support campaign effectiveness and the achievement of fundraising aspirations.

At heart, my philosophy is simple:

“Listening to donors and allowing them to give in a way that makes them feel good will always raise the most money and secure a long-term relationship.”

Your cause and how you fundraise for it are unique. A consultant partner who is able to understand and adapt to the challenges you face will help you to grow your work.

I offer a bespoke, tailor made program made to fit your needs and aspirations through a simple three step process.

Step 1: I will provide you with an assessment of your program and requirements and the expertise I will be able to offer free of charge and without obligation.

Step 2: I will prepare a detailed consultancy proposal me containing full details of the scope and content of the work to be undertaken, the desired outcomes we have agreed on in step 1 and a complete costing for all of the services provided.

Step 3: The final step will be a timely implementation and monitoring stage with final assessment (this bit I made up – not sure what you do after this but presumably you guide them through what they need to do and how to do it – then report back on how successful it’s been)

Fees are developed on a project by project basis to assure transparency and clarity of the work provided.

I will guide the implementation of the agreed program, monitor its effectiveness and make a detailed forward-thinking report with recommendations for the future.

Fees are developed on a project by project basis to assure absolute transparency and clarity of the work provided.

To book your free no obligation program assessment please contact me.